MOVE program is focused on changes in traditions and the emergence of new industrial patterns to be aligned with Industry 4.0. 

  • Simulation & Analytics: Understand the importance, frameworks and challenges to identify the research gaps. Constructs, simulate and analyze your data focusing on designed outcome. Get Registered Today and avail summer discount.
  • Project Management The whole new level of project management with cloud computing and productivity tools to engage ad-hoc workforce, freelancers and multi-level financials. The essential training to understand relevant technologies. Registration closed.
  • Financial Engineering Learn the utilization of mathematical techniques in solving financial problems along with tools and knowledge from the fields of economics, statistics, applied mathematics and computer science. Registration closed.
  • Risk Management Post-Pandemic world needs a careful estimation of risks combined with cognitive skills to develop evolving strategy to maximize sustenance and growth. Registration closed.
  • Remote HRM Working from home, task based engagements, freelancing and contractual working are the segments which are redefining the conventional HR methods. Learn the tools and platforms which are for assistance and productivity. Registration closed.
  • Open Supply Chain Management The new mobilization of resources and skills beyond borders is making ad-hoc supply chain which are more effective and economical. Develop platforms and learn tools to formulate chains for different size of businesses. Registration closed.
  • E--Commerce B2B Shifting from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism, e-commerce is taking new form combined with open supply chain - its a new path to explore with D3T. Registration closed.
  • Industry 4.0 Management Technology is one side of the industry 4.0, it brought the new challenges and models for governance, learn the new models for scaling up and implementation of modern technologies and human resource. Registration closed.
  • Business Analytics The New World is about strategy development based on information and facts along with carefully crafted forecasting and predictive solutions. Business analytics provides the training engaged tools and data manipulation for best analytics. Registration closed.
  • Digital Transformation Strategy, planning and developing a cohesion to scale up for digital transformation. Learn the methods and good practices for successful digital transformation. The ultimate course to develop your own transformation path. Registration closed.
  • Organic Organizations Knowledge management and processing has given birth to the whole new regime of organic organizations, learn the new canvas and mechanism to redefine the corporate sector. Registration closed.
Data Science Analytics

Learn the data simulation using MATLAB to explore the possibilities hidden in data sets. From pre-processing to programming techniques and visualization, cover comprehensively in 04 weeks. As a Skill-Summer program, avail 40% discount along with free registration NOW. 

Registration Closed

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